Twist Garden Light $37
Versatile, windproof accent lighting for just about anywhere. The Twist Garden Light can be pushed into the ground to light a path or garden bed, or into a planter to highlight a favorite plant. The solid copper parts will age gracefully, but if you prefer the “new” look, please feel free to coat the copper portions with spray lacquer. Acrylic wind ring keeps the lid on securely. Mounting stake is powder coated and will not discolor.
24” tall x 3” wide.


Harmony Table Lights $37 and $46
Gently spinning and balancing on its stake, the Harmony Table Light adds kinetic fun to the domestic science of candle lighting. Available in two sizes (10” tall x 3” wide and 12” tall x 5” wide,) Harmonies can be used indoors or out. The steel mounting stake is powder coated and won’t rust or discolor. Lid snaps in place with an acrylic wind ring.


Harmony Sconce $37 and $46
A new direction for our copper candle lights. The Harmony Sconce comes with a solid brass mounting bracket and powder coated, angled mounting rod. Use it with the brass bracket as a wall-mounted candle sconce or drill a 1/4” hole and mount on a deck rail. They swivel, they pivot, they look fantastic. Our unique, windproof lid will stay in place in windy conditions. Two sizes, 10” tall x 3” wide
and 12” tall by 5” wide.